Presentation means go!


Hello again. Well, I hope you have read through my last post about the Google Doc. Rave created it to help us consolidate our thoughts into one thing. I wrote our original narrative, and it was edited by Samya and Rave to their parts. I personally think they both did a wonderful job! The room was really laggy for me, as it had the most amount of people in there since we started. I glitched out one of Samya’s slides 😦 as when that part came everything went quiet and computery sounding. :/ argh! Other then that I think it went well, and I’m honoured to have worked with those guys. I’ve seen Rave IRL, but not Samya—she honestly seems wonderful to work with, and I wonder would I know her if I ever saw her around campus! 🙂 Anyway, onto the show!

We discussed doing slides, but I worried that on the night there could be problems. I feared this from last class, when everything just went quiet on my side. I created a text based video of our dialog, with our slides (making my ones animated gifs, to represent some movement!) You can watch that video here. I made a YT channel just for it, as I didn’t want it purely connected to my name, when the work is not all mine. I created the illustrations for the first 4 slides, and the video. (which is a very basic one, but just enough to cover us in case it didn’t work out tonight!)

I also really wanted to do something interactive—I felt that presentations are great and all, but having something the class could do (ideally, I’d have loved to make everyone take the quiz there and share their scores, but the quiz wasn’t fully accepted in the group, Dave worried it might over power his points (possibly a joke) but I didn’t want to push it too much. If you’d like to do it, dear reader, you can do so here. Comment below with your percentage! :’D I’d love to know.

The team worked well, I feel. I do think personality wise, we are very different. That’s not to say we didn’t work well, just, personally it took a bit longer for me. Like, for example, I am pretty certain Rave was joking about the quiz interfering on his points, but due to my over-empathetic nature (reference, INFJ ftw) I did joke back, but didn’t push the topic too hard. I do think, it would have been nice to have a bonding session with my group early on—like adventuring in SL together, and having shared experiences. I feel closer to them now, after working on the presentation, but I wonder would having a group activity like that have broken the ice a bit more?

I think, in regards to Sitearms original presentation with us—we did a lot of the things recommended. For example, we clearly identified looking each other up (I think that was my idea, initially?) We allowed for ‘catastrophe’ (as Sitearm eloquently put it in the slides) by having the video. I think, to be honest there was no set ‘leader’. We each kind of threw in things and worked off one another. If I were to work with Samya or Rave as a team again, I would certainty know what to expect and I’d have a better idea of what we would do. I think we started quite strongly, being the first in the class to research each other, and mutually agreed on points like, ‘we don’t want to bore everyone’ and whatnot. Even when I thought Rave and I were butting heads on topics we could discuss, the idea of editing what our peers said came from it:

(bit of back story, Rave mentioned Waterford Whispers and fake news, but I didn’t want to just reiterate what was out there, I wanted to make it our own. I thought it was a fab fab idea, but couldn’t seem to get that across right away)

Me:  but seriously, like we can mention it but I’d rather shock, or make something funny? Like ‘did you know, that John spoke about ‘housekeeping cross-dressers?!’ like, because two of his blogs had that one word in it, or again the context—grabbing a line out of one of our classmates blogs and putting it on it’s head. Like, all this to display that it’s our duty as content creators to manage it, to take control of what we put out there etc?

This came from a conversation of us trying to find a concept (and me totally thinking I was offending him, but we were on the same page, just online text/talk makes things seem worse then they are!  Like, as a group, even our misunderstandings seemed to bring fruitful endings? Like, we had a common goal and knew we wanted to do something fun and exciting, and we reached it. Rave sent a ton of funny edits (which, I hope he puts on his blog for all to see!) Samya was totally the one who brought all the lose ends together at the end, and made a cohesive statement about the whole topic.(like, she tied the research all together, and just made it punch!)  I think we each brought something unique to the table, and it made for a fun project to work on.

I am hopeful that the class, John and our guests enjoyed our presentation. I am happy I did do that video (I was trying to do it the night of the slides, and actually did a video based on my other slides (which weren’t as good). I think that’s why I personally got a bit stressed just before we got to the end here.) I loved working on the quiz too—these are all end products that would have never been had we not worked together.

Here’s the link again to the video and to the quiz .

I loved this module, so so much. I was bragging about it’s awesome concept to everyone when we started, and nothing has changed about my admiration for it. I do feel more equipped to work in online communities through it, but I also feel SL gives a different setting then most. Sitearm asked us about this topic, and I have to say, it’s resemblance to a real classroom, with a community setting, gives just enough familiarity and just enough distance to make it easier, and better to learn (for me at least.) I wish I could take this again! I am acutely more aware of things like misinformation, and other topics we discussed during our semester. Although my background was one of technological immersion, I do feel I learned a lot. Ability Island was amazing, as well as Lauk’s Nest. I had such an amazing chat about Sailor Moon, in my earlier blogs. That adventure of meeting likeminded people is always exciting to me. Revisiting things like the tone in ones blog, and how I personally react to those things, taught me that I need to address how I want to present my content and myself online. I know as an illustrator and designer, my work will be on the web. I might even be able to promote myself more, through blogs or online video. I feel, due to the class, more aware of things in relation to that (tone, etc).

In regards to my group, once more—I hope you were happy with our presentation, and it was great to work with you both. I hope I didn’t let you down, and thank you for everything.

To John and Locks, you both created such an amazing atmosphere, thank you for doing all this and best of luck in the future with it. (I’m totally around to chat to any newbies! 😉 )

To those reading this blog—yes you—thank you. I hope you enjoyed following my journey, and perhaps you’re taking the same one yourself. Enjoy it–it went by too quickly!

Presentation Posts!

“a long, lonely time”- Unchained Melody reference.

Well, my lovely blog readers. It’s come to the end of my journey on SL with this amazing module, Virtual Environments. These next few blogs will be detailing my journey on the presentation with my group. This post will purely be our google doc file, with only my parts. The blog after this will be more of how it went, what we did, etc. Please enjoy.


Your digital identity and footprint.

Marianna’s findings:

Findings on Dave:

I started by taking the username Dave used and googling it. (designflump on wordpress) I found some of his photography with DIT. As he studies Vis Com in DIT, (found via his About Me part) it would be easy to find him there. Some pictures on his wordpress include Colin Barrack’s museum, perhaps he is a local to Dublin? Also IMMA, which encompasses the Hueston Station area. I eventually found his twitter and instagram. Twitter was much more informative, and I’ve found information that might or might not be true: Everton support, 450 in the portfolio for DIT. He also follows Illustrators Ireland (like myself) fan of Walking Dead and Assassin’s Creed (so is there a local gamestop in which he might go to buy the latest release?) Same with Fifa/EA so a gamer? Sons of Anarchy fan too.

Frequented the 77A bus in March 2015 and at roughly 1:49 pm, so would be easy to be on the same bus around that time. (It goes from Ringsend Rd. Towards Citywest and back)

Has a niece, first word was buddy. Studied Spanish. Might have gone to Coláiste Éanna in Ballyroan, Dublin (Rathfarnham?) But he did use the hashtag #citywest in regards to the bus?

Impressed by IADT and their studies in Nov 2014, but DIT was his first choice. Helly Hansen jacket fan?

Findings on Samya:

Originally I couldn’t find much, other than like this academia site (I think I dropped the l on her last name when trying to google it right away, and then tried things like samya dit, which nothing really came up)

I found this numerology page with her full name It reminds me of a website I used to see called ‘Kabalarian Philosophy’ Which lead me onto a soundcloud account, but the comment was from 4 years ago, so another dead end. Taking the ‘Byrne’ bit from the analyse name website I did find her twitter account, where she follows the Kardashians and Rihanna, seems super fashionable (so, without knowing what course she is studying, I automatically think of her as this cool fashion designer, very glamourous and up to date on fashion scenes? She just seems to be on the ball with it, and I can totally see her designing cool clothes)

Reading through her twitter she is based in Dublin (which is pretty big, so hard enough to find her)

Possible boyfriend’s name is Dan and in a LDR?  She tweets fashion things, but also important issues (like domestic violence, the fact it can be men as victims, etc) Has taken the 27 bus, so could look that up and see she took it around 5pm ish, near Sept, so is this related to college or work? Ilac centre is referenced once—is this a place she frequently visits?

To find out what Dave and Samya discovered about me, go to their blogs: (I feel its a bit wrong of me to post that here)

Marianna’s response to the findings:

Dave: I knew once Dave found moonanna or himebanana that he would find everything there was to find on me. I was actually expecting him to find a recent event I attended in Newbridge, as I had posted it all over my social medias. I actually use Naas as a general area, as my actual location is deep in the countryside, but it is roughly 7 km from Naas. I do this both as a precaution for my safety, and the fact that where I live is in the middle of nowhere and impossible to find most times. He is absolutely correct with the DCC, as I sold at quite a few conventions that were comic related.

Samya: I knew someone would find the post! Samya found mostly everything about my comic stuff, totally. I really felt that the Kildare/Newbridge event was one of the scarier ones, in the sense that my exact location and time would be shared, but in essence, we can’t do the jobs we want if we don’t put that sort of stuff out there, I suppose!

Possible themes:

  • YouTube and dangerous public, Vloggers and other creative people being targeted.
  • The idea that people are making the dangerous funny—there is a video game based on the dark web, and is it trivializing the dangers or highlighting them?
  • Content creation

Chats about themes:

Information ownership, I think would be the best broad topic to consider. I’m not sure if we’re to choose just one theme and run with it, or highlight the other bits? If it is the latter, even if we choose information ownership as a overall theme we could always brush on those things later on. John did say something like ‘consider why you’re taking this module to begin with and how it will impact your working in the future’ so, maybe we could also mention things like when people steal not only our information online, but our art pieces? Maybe? I’m just spitballing here, I can paste these into the doc just so we don’t need to scroll back on here to re-read them too.

I think we should keep it short, specific and interesting, avoiding rambling at all costs. It would be great if we could shock people with some scary things that have happened as a result of sharing information online.

//case studies of YTs and online creators being targeted (I have an interest in YouTube, as I attempted to start my own channel, and admire those out there making content. We had discussed fake news on our facebook messenger, thus the link to the Mary Sue site below.)

Content Creation:

  • Irresponsible misinformation
  • Our responsibility


Legacy narrative inital ideas:

In years to come, will anyone still remember Cleopatra? Will anyone know that Winston Churchill was a person, and not that head shaking dog? When we went into this project, we didn’t really consider our legacy—but it’s something we came to terms with after doing our research.

We started the project by researching one another, typing into google only from information we received from our blogs. We didn’t use Facebook, as we had added each other as friends and using the information we had acquired that way would be too easy.

Go into the research all of us did here, which hits what John said about ‘The final presentation should describe your methodology (how you researched the project), a summary of what the team discovered about the members online presence, a reflection on your reaction (were you surprised by anything discovered?) and a possible scenario where the information could be exploited by others.’

Scenario could be us mentioning the case studies I’ve listed above?

I’d really like a cool idea for presenting this work—I know I mentioned the Cluedo game, perhaps the idea of legacy and what we leave behind, the impact we have on this world could result in imagery? I am able to video edit—perhaps all of us can just throw ideas out below about a ‘theme’ for our presentation. I’d like to do something neat, not just slides for presentation. Also, the misinformation we could add to the idea of our legacy—is stuff we gleamed from our research true? Like, in my instance, I don’t live in Naas or Sallins. Will this ‘misinformation’ be all that’s remembered of me?

Mar: Could our ‘possible scenario’ be the misinformation in the end?

Brainstorm ideas for our presentation:

The world/universe

Games/board game idea?

YouTube (like, having the website around a slide?)


Finding a newsroom area in SL and pretending to be news casters giving the false news sset in the future (so archeologists looking into our time?) 

I really liked the idea of Cluedo or a news anchor place. I’m glad I mentioned it, even if we didn’t get to use it. 


In 100 years time, will anyone still remember Cleopatra? Will anyone know that Winston Churchill was a person, and not that head shaking dog? When we went into this project, we didn’t really consider our legacy—but it’s something we came to terms with after doing our research.

We started the project by investigating one another, using only information present in our blogs. We didn’t use Facebook, as we had added each other as friends and using that information would be too easy.

We discovered the bus that Samya and Dave take on a daily basis, the events I had attended, and my online selling habits.

I had covered my tracks pretty well, in using neighbouring towns for my address on websites like However, this project made me acutely
aware of how a public identity can be dangerous, when I researched YouTubers
being targeted at their home and events like signings. This research brought us to the topics of online misinformation, information ownership and content creation. As content creators of the future, we have a responsibility to control information and ensure its accuracy. Our ‘digital identity’ is more than a ‘second life’, it is becoming an extension of ourselves, our careers and our successes.
We wondered, is this the digital legacy we will leave? In centuries to come, are these the things that people will remember us for? 


Let’s talk about hashtags…

Hey blog! That title is a reference to GMM, an amazing talk show that I mentioned in our last class. I found the hashtag war they did to be an amazing feat. They rivaled news shows on major channels, and won. It shows how far the internet has come in content creation!

Last class was a bit haywirey—lots of deadlines happening and everyone being zonked. It was also the first time I had a problem with SL. I couldn’t hear anything! I guess I should be lucky that it hasn’t happened until now—but it makes me worry about our presentation. I honestly thought no one was talking! I had to relogin a few times :/

To me, hashtags or the pound sign has been around for a while, so it was shocking that Twitter only accepted them into their way of life (;)) recently. While some of my classmates think it’s over 7 years ago, and thus ancient, when you’re on the internet for so long, and as you get older, time does run differently. It’s hard to put this into words, but I’ve seen computers go from DOS to Windows 95,98, to that funny Y2K scenario (where people legit felt the world would end) to nowadays.(Edit, Mental Note’s latest video is 21 things that turn 21 this year: watch it and feel old!

I remember having a DOS program where it would ask you questions like ‘are you afraid of computers?’ if you answered yes, it would reassure you, telling you many people are and that there’s nothing to fear. If you answered no, it would basically tell you, ‘good for you! many people are’. It sounds so sinister now to think back on that, but as a child I found it hilarious. I used to have a program that would throw sentences back at you, in the vein of Ghostwriter. I grew up watching So Weird where it was a cool thing that the main character had a website. It seems so small and probably insignificant to today’s audiences but this is the era I grew up, and it gave me a love of technology. This class has added to it, and I feel much more hopeful about the integration of technology  within our every day lives. It saddens me to know that not everyone has the same admiration for technology, and some even resent it. I think with the proper care of it, and understanding of our own lives and how to use it, it can be a tool of much help.

Before I leave, another note about the project–just awaiting Samya’s slides and edited conclusion so I can finish up our text based video and upload her slides to my SL account before the presentation. I wonder, would it be beneficial to do an experiment one year—and create groups with personality types? Like, I wonder are there any other INFJs? Ever since my last post, I’ve been reading more about that personality type and I find it so fascinating.  Apparently, my type is very rare (1% of the population, hahaha) and a lot of things ring very true. I am concerned with the feelings of others, and just a bunch of stuff. I would have loved to seen what it was like to work in a group based on personality types. I think having that test could give potential online employers their best shot at combining people who don’t actually know each other. Without the added use of being able to ‘read’ people’s faces or inflections, knowing their personality type could reduce conflict in a scenario such as ours in this module.

That’s enough rambling from me! We are nearing the end of our module, and I have very much enjoyed it and everything it presented for me to think over. The next post should be about the presentation, so please look forward to it!

Working on the Presentation

Hey blog—just a little update before our big day. After we had finalized the narrative I started (Rave doing some edits, while Samya has to check some bits) we spoke about doing slides or video. We agreed that slides would be more effective, as we could talk our way through things. However, with the internet side of things, having a text based video to back us up (in case we can’t log in, if not everyone shows, etc) would be good to have. This video does not need to be elaborate, but just be there as back up and serve as evidence. I started on some slides, illustrating a few bits, as I’d rather own my content then use a photo, if possible. I recorded some video for google, and made my illustrations animated to use for the video part (as plain text can be boring).

However, working through the slides I began to realize that there wasn’t much point in putting a ton of effort in parts of the script I hadn’t done, as more then likely Rave or Samya would be doing those slides themselves. Rave asked about this, and I just explained I put a filter on a photo. (I also threw in some blue borders, because I could. It didn’t really fit, but I was a bit argh about it all) It felt very hard to try to do these slides, as at the time we hadn’t heard from Samya, (granted, it was the weekend and people do work, so we weren’t concerned) none of us had allocated the pieces of narrative and I didn’t want to exclude anyone from doing slides. However, I wanted to make sure there was something on the day, and I don’t want anyone to feel pressured. I’m reluctant to work on my other work until this is sorted, as I don’t want to be distracted from it, and let my group down. (what if I’m working on an essay and turn off my phone? I won’t be available to my teammates, in a week that is very crucial.) However, this line of thinking wasn’t fun, or positive for me and by yesterday I was a bit lost as to what we could do next.


As of today, Samya has caught up, and will be finishing off the conclusion and sending me her slides. Rave has done his 4 slides also. I logged in SL to upload mine and test them. Rave followed suit and I showed him quickly how to put pictures up.(He wasn’t at the class where we learned this, but it’s pretty simple) However, on his side, the slides weren’t loading. I uploaded them to my side, and as it stands I will be controlling that aspect on the night. I’ve a new video with text (very plain, but again, it’s purely evidence and back up). There is a sense of anxiousness about this for me, as I had hoped to have this done by today so we could spend a day during the week to practice and not approach it again until the night. However, this is just my personality. I know in an ideal world that is not always possible, but there was certainty a sense of worry from my side when I was doing all the slides. Also, I mentioned doing an interactive quiz element for the audience, but this wasn’t really accepted/not accepted.


I knew back when Sitearm Madonna mentioned this that I had indeed taken a test to find out my ‘type’. From the log on my PC, it says I took this picture in 2013. INFJ seems to be ‘me’ but I never really looked into it after taking this test. At the time I took this, finding out your ‘type’ was a trend, and I just wanted to know my letters. I wonder how this is in relation to my group members? For the most part we seem to be working well, with a common goal. Our first few steps were really good, and despite college deadlines we are still working as a group and continuing on. I hope my team members feel satisfied, and no one feels left out. I also realize we are group 1, which means we will probably be going first on the night? Well, blog and random reader, I hope this short blog kept you entertained!

Class 10!

This class was fun, although a bit more empty then normal. We had hoped to split into our groups to discuss the group project, but a few of us were on our own-some. Instead, John (who was visiting from very far away!!) taught us how to build in SL. I had practiced during the week, but nothing major. It was fun to be able to create boards—and I can see how the appeal of building in a virtual environment creates bonds. It’s a wonderful feeling to see something you do take shape–whether that is in a real world or virtual one.

John reminded us of Sitearm Madonna’s speech/lecture to us, and to revisit it in regards to our group.Reflecting on it and our group–I’ve tried to suggest interim deadlines, but I am also consciously aware of others deadlines and how their time management skills might be. Since I don’t know them well outside of this class, I can’t just assume they are heavily work loaded or not. So the best thing (I felt) to do, was set clear goals and hope we could reach them. I’ve written a small ‘script’ (and Rave has edited the few bits he saw, but I’m not sure if Samya edited it yet) We are still in a development stage of how we want to present the actual presentation. I suggested a few ideas in regards to video, but Rave (and myself, to be honest) want to do something different, and really outside of the box. I really think we can and it would be fantastic—but I’m also acutely aware of our time, and although we have an extension of an extra week, I think it would be foolish to not at least agree to a solid plan by this one. I feel we’ve really not had a strict meeting on things, and did suggest chatting this Wednesday. I don’t like doing that, but I’m worried if we have no set guidelines, it might be harder for us to continue. I feel we are on a good path for our presentation, but we need to pull it over the last hurdle.

We were asked to read about hashtags in emergency services—and will be discussing this topic during the next class. I will try to post on here sooner if we do meet as a group.

Class 9 Chats!

Class was not as chatty as before, as we were discussing our groups and the project and the progress we’ve all been doing on the above. I sort of miss those classes where we chatted and discussed topics like the blogger, or online things—and realize as we come to a close for the semester that we will probably just be focusing on the group project.

In regards to that, I feel we’ve made some leaps towards our theme. And actually, the misunderstanding of contextual type has helped with that. When chatting on facebook messenger (and reading the google doc file Rave set up, that we’ve all contributed to) I was concerned I was offending Rave. He had brought up the idea of fake news, and we all had a chat—and I used that misunderstanding to create a little scenario we could discuss for our project. We all seemed to find it funny and interesting—so I am happy to say I feel a bit more confident on the whole thing.

In terms of what we found—I knew they would find the bits they did! No one mentioned the LD4All forums however, which is a thing I often find if I try to google myself. Also, it was brought up about me using another town as mine—I live in the middle of the country, and while I do use those addresses for my mail/correspondence (it must be added to my address to get the mail to me) it’s not where I actually live.

Also, knowing the 6 groups need to present on the one day, I figured that anything over 10 minutes would be too much—so now we can address writing a narrative to fill approx 7 minutes. John showed us how to add pictures, and I hope we can get something done to practice this next week. I think what I’ve learned so far is that if people are willing to work together, they will always find a way. I’m in a group where everyone wants to do their best and come up with a memorable result/end product—and that goal has unified us. I feel that while everyone’s working methods might be different, this shared and cared for goal seems to be bringing us together. I think Rave has had some fantastic ideas, and Samya has really gone that extra mile when researching—I hope I’m just as helpful to the group! I will be writing up a narrative that I think might address all the topics we discussed (I’m not sure if we should mention them in our blogs yet, as our classmates do read each others?) While I’m glad I suggested the stalkery first steps we did, I can only hope that my understanding of the brief and hope to make this a strong end product will add to my group dynamic. Wish me luck, random reader!

Week 8! Content Creation, Group work!

Listening :’D

Class was very helpful this week, in regards to the brief. I had been a bit lost as what was required (I had suggested the stalker/research to my group, but then themes were mentioned and everyone in the group were talking about the themes we would use—and I wasn’t sure how it would relate back to us as individuals. After talking as a class, I feel now these can both be applied. We spoke about content creation, and how anyone can make anything online.

Taking a slight break and talking about the things we were to read—I found the copyright infographic very informative. I knew the idea about patents being used to protect ‘processes’ but I didn’t realize that pennames couldn’t be copyrighted. I will definitely be keeping this infographic in my bookmarks for further use.

Reading about license and copyright—especially in the comment section would definitely come into play with graphic design. Many designers ‘license’ their work, be it patterns/textures and let others use it for commercial, or home use. If you, for instance, create one of those Facebook profile templates, and other people use it to raise awareness of an issue, then most designers will not have a problem. However, if you saw your work being used by a large company and promoting them—how would you feel? We are advancing into an era where we are our own content creators. This is obvious by YouTube, and how a generation is watching it, rather then TV. (

As with the advent of reality TV, we want to explore that world for ourselves. I’m sure many of us played pretend with a box, creating our own TV station when we were kids? Also, YouTube can be accessed at any time, you have the ability to watch what you like– whenever. Videos like ‘unboxing’ ones have become so popular, when it’s really just someone opening a box. (I think, personally—it plays on the the idea of being alone. With that video playing, with someone just like us talking—we aren’t alone.) Again, this touches on what we spoke about in class. Money is no longer an issue and there are no more ‘gateholders’ (in essence–people stopping every person releasing a book or whatnot. You can release/print your own, buy your own ISBN numbers, etc)

Anyway, I found it useful to read, as some artists go through ‘art theft’ online, where other people or companies steal their work. ( ) perhaps this is a concept we can discuss in our group?


In our group, as I mentioned above, the idea of themes and what to do weighed heavily on us. We weren’t entirely sure what to do. I had suggested looking each other up, and suggested we write how we felt about what was found, but we weren’t sure what to do next. Rave suggested finding a theme, we talked about case studies—but after that class we will be working on a narrative. (also, I was having ideas about the presentation and how to do it, for example, making a presentation in the style of the game Cluedo/Clue. This was certainty jumping the gun, in terms of design, but the idea just didn’t want to leave my head!) Our next role is to create a narrative for our presentation—and by doing so, we hope to brainstorm ideas for the presentation itself.


In terms of the blog—I hope to start addressing how what we’ve spoken about what I’ve learned will help me in the future. Already the topics we’ve discussed and analyzed has made me think about the online world—who is on it, how it’s being used. The group is giving me an idea of working in a collaborative team online, but we are fortunate with the time zones being the same! I have noticed already how different online communication is in regards to your peers. To explain: I’ve worked with clients online, with purely only online communication, doing an illustration job and never actually meeting them or Skyping them. However, as they were the client, and it was only me working on the job, the dynamic was very different. Working with my peers/co-contributors is another issue—being unable to hear tone, or see how they react physically to your words is difficult, but not impossible. I am hopeful the common ground we have will help stop any conflicts—but I am very interested in how that is all playing by.