Virtual Environments : Second Life Assignment 1 & a wee chat!

Welcome to my blog—a weekly chat about my adventures in Second Life and participant in what seems to be a revolutionary module. When I heard about this module, I was ecstatic. The idea of exploring how the digital realm has and will continue to┬áimpact our society is an exciting subject to me. I’ve been using computers since I was 10, back when DOS and Windows 95 was around. Back then, a floppy disk wasn’t that hard disk, but rather a larger, actually floppy consumable for a PC. Most of my memories are of learning computer software, making my own websites, and meeting people I would go on to keep as good friends.

So, back to the topic at hand—what were my expectations? When I heard of this class from Mary Ann, she said that those with a poor internet connection should not apply. I was disheartened—I live out in the middle of nowhere, and my internet can sometimes be comparable to a tin can and wire. Determined, I went home and downloaded Second Life right away. It worked! I quickly changed my preferences to make this my top choice, and continued on learning about the game. As that was a tester account, I made my proper one this week. When I found DIT in Second Life once more, a flying horse came at me! It was a very scary feeling (what if that was a teacher? Why is there a flying horse?) I did quit there, in fear—but it’s a great story!

I had hoped to immerse myself in a completely digital way of being. I am used to contacting others through the web, be that clients, friends and strangers. I wanted to be better at doing that, and explore the pros and cons of this changing medium. I really thought this module was a fantastic way to do that. I want to be up to date on the ethics of this new world. I am a strong believer in technology—but I don’t turn my back on the old ways either. I have a Japanese penpal, who I send letters to the old fashioned way, along with sending little cards to my friends. I feel it’s important to not lose those little touches, but I also feel it’s important to see the advantages the digital age gives us. John spoke about us working in groups, which I feel will help us learn what it’s like to deal with clients purely on a digital format. We spoke about how we will explore the world and do a ton in the next 10 weeks. I am looking forward to it!



2 thoughts on “Virtual Environments : Second Life Assignment 1 & a wee chat!

  1. A great start to your blog, Puchitsuki! You are bringing lots of experience and learning to the class, along with a balanced approach to the integration of the online environment with ‘real life’. If flying horses are most unusual things you meet in SL you should be grateful…!

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