Class Two Blog!

Class two was on September 29th and as per usual, I was early. Two of my classmates were around, but afk (away from keyboard) so I went into the building and sat on this cool circle thing next to the stairs, waiting. There was another person in there, who I wasn’t sure if they were a new classmate or just a random person. I did say hello in the nearby chat, but they never wrote back. (it turned out they were, and seemed nice afterwards! They were probably just afk too.)

When class started we spoke about making it day time in the game, (so we could control the weather-ish) and there was a bit of feedback with people’s audios. I think many don’t realize they can un-hit the speak button, and it causes strange noises at time, which can range from hilarious to scary! We spoke about blogs, Pepe brought up an island he read on John’s blog, and it is somewhere that couldn’t exist in real life—it all sounded very interesting, but I don’t want to write too much about it in this post in case we do visit it.

We spoke about the other blogs (Dolce, Brain Pickings, etc) and I said how each had a different voice, some marketing, some corporate, and how I preferred the more personal voice. I felt ‘Dolce’ was fun and vibrant, Brain Pickings was intelligent, kind and inventive. To me, Illustration Frday was corportate, not as individual, but it was helpful for sharing art to the masses. C. Brogan’s blog was individual, but it felt like a marketing ad. Lastly ‘Style’ was image heavy, text min. It felt cold and matter of fact to me.

We chatted about how the module was set, Akron and more. There were a ton of questions including security of the building. It must have been fate then, that a character dressed as Luffy came in and just unnerved the class. By next week, the building will be locked up. It was just so weird—but I am partly used to the oddness of online! 😀 It’s good and bad! I was surprised he could dress as an anime character—is this something Second Life offers? I’d love to change my avatar. I had to change it three times the first night as there were others who had picked the same as me.

We spoke about communities, how they spring up and then go, and although our area might seem quiet, that could be due to time zones.

Another classmate spoke about a South Park episode, we spoke about how anyone can create content online, and knowing what is good or bad is important.

Minister did a strawpoll for our communication app and Facebook was winning. I guess I’m reluctant to use Whatsapp as that is direct to my phone–Facebook I don’t have installed so I see it when I actively search for it. I find Whatsapp to be to personal, but again, it’s my opinion. I took a peek at everyone else’s blogs that night too, they all look so cool already. I feel mine is a bit plain. I’m used to LiveJournal, where you could add things like your mood (with an emoji) and the song you were listening to at the time of writing the post. WordPress seeems very different, but similar to that.

We also spoke about going to Louck’s Nest next week. Our ‘homework’ is to visit 3 places in SL, and I hope to do this soon. Deadlines for other modules are mounting up and I’m trying to get everything done! Expect another blog post soon about those 3 outings.


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