Outing Time! (WARNING: Picture Heavy!)

Finally, I get to talk about my outing! I visited a few places of interest to me as per our homework. KelticDave (my boyfriend, who I convinced to download the game after expressing how cool this class was, came along on some of my journeys. Please keep reading to find out more—and apologies for the image heavy post!)

On my log in screen, it advertised ‘Salem’. Now, one very important fact about me is that I LOVE Halloween. I was stoked to visit anything related to this holiday and requested a transport! For some strange reason, it brought me to Bay City Municipal Aeroport. It was very sterile and not at all what I wanted, so I visited the ‘noob’ island (newbie and ‘Social Island’ is the correct name) and looked at the zones there. I decided to google ‘spooky’ places in Second Life and found a ton. However, when I went to click them it kept denying me! Apparently my settings didn’t allow me to visit (they were set for Adult, and I had only up to Moderate in my preferences.)

After that was sorted I visited Salem! It took forever to load, and seemed very glitchy. (perhaps due to the players there) I tried to say hello to all of them in the nearby chat, but got no response back. I didn’t have any money to spend on the marketplace there, so I ‘window’ shopped. There seemed to be a forest that wouldn’t let me in, and it bored me after a while.

The next place was Haviland Lake 2, which is where you’ll see the rides and whatnot above. This place was empty, which was a relief for rendering time, considering what happened in Salem. Here there were rides (so cool) and a haunted house! I really loved it, but I wished there was more interactive models to play.

Lastly, I thought I would visit the Blarney Castle. I have never been there ‘in real life’, so why not see it virtually first? I didn’t ‘kiss the stone’ as the whole area seemed off to me? I instead visited the lighthouse, which had amazing views and spiral staircases!

After all the excitement, I went to show KelticDave my classroom, as it will probably be locked up from Thursday. He was impressed with the building, and the fact we attended class there. It’s nice for me to show him my college, as ‘in real life’ he lives far away, and I haven’t gotten to show him my ‘real’ school either!

I realized I really enjoyed the interactive elements to Second Life. I didn’t get to talk to anyone, although I did try! I’d really like to change my avatar to something a bit more like me however. 😦 Perhaps soon!


4 thoughts on “Outing Time! (WARNING: Picture Heavy!)

  1. Nice touch there-using SL as a window to get your boyfriend to see your world. Glad you found a place you enjoyed.
    Talking to people in SL can be a bit like RL sometimes- some will engage and others will not, don’t give up on trying though. I like the fresh look of your blog and the way your writing reflects your voice.

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    1. Hi Locks! Thank you, it was very fun! After reading Dan’s post though, I want to visit Pumpkin Town! :’D And I will continue trying! (Perhaps on the weekend there might be more people!) And thank you, I appreciate that. I was actually concerned my voice wasn’t academic enough, or getting across my reactions/experience clearly, so that means a lot, thank you! (and thank you for your comment!) See you next week!


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