Class Three! (and the mysterious case of the music!)

Hello all! This is just a small recap and my take on class three!

When I logged in, I noticed a note card about the group project. I had already read the blog and had a rough idea what was happening, so I was excited to have a class chatting about this! However, it just wouldn’t open. I tried looking in my inventory—anything, but it just would not open. A few other people said they had the same problem, Minister said he opened it before but it wouldn’t open there again for him. (Perhaps it was a mystery—like a present we had to wait to open!)

A few minutes later though, Minister was able to open his and told me what it said. However, mine wouldn’t open so I didn’t take any details as I wasn’t sure if anything was set to change.

That’s when IT happened. The music. Minister had asked if anyone heard it, he compared it to K-pop (Korean Pop Music). I hadn’t, but thought it would be neat to hear it! As class started, I noticed a lot of people weren’t there. This isn’t unusual, there can be glitches and things when it comes to online life, but it was still disheartening. That’s when the music started. It was loud, and unruly—it was announced it was J-pop then (Japanese Pop Music) but it was too blurred to really enjoy it properly. It was just a loud noise, almost like feedback, playing through another person’s speaker. It stopped again, but it was still odd! Did this happen because we visited spooky places on our trips? (Side note, I really like J-Pop and singers like Tommy february6. This wasn’t that!)

J/Acuppa Tae (I’m unsure the name he would prefer us to use here so ) spoke about the communication app we were going to use. We said facebook and everyone called ‘not it’ to set it up. I’m not sure how that is going actually. I’ve not heard anything as of yet. Acuppa Tae also said he invited a guest, Glen Lockin (I probably spelled that wrong, apologies!)

Then it happened again. The music played, everyone was signing in and out. Some avatars became invisible and it seemed very chaotic. I had zoomed in on my character, and when I went to move it I saw triangles and squares. I thought my game glitched! (but it wasn’t my game!)

We spoke about our locations in the midst of this, and how places were organized by category.  Our homework would be to get together in our group and discuss things. I stayed after a tiny bit to see if any of the groups were holding on, but it seemed as if everyone logged off. I took this time to try to change my avatar. I had been keeping her the same, as I hadn’t really used my time to actively enjoy myself ingame. I am not sure why, but doing something for me (for instance, making her look cooler) made me feel guilty. I should be off exploring, or watching the documentaries or doing something productive! But I did take this moment to just change her outfit a bit. I went off to the Blarney Castle to do this, as I knew the location would be quiet and after I got done, I visited the place Dan spoke about in his blog. I was so excited to go! I didn’t get to explore it fully, but it was already a million times better then Salem. I’ll write about the documentaries in the next post.


Also, my thoughts on the brief (my first, random thoughts, which don’t necessarily link to the project, but it’s what my mind thought.)

Rockwell–Somebody’s Watching Me (

Parody of the above song with Quantum Leap: (

The comic, ‘In Real Life’ by Doctorow and Wang.

The problems YouTubers have been having with their privacy (i.e. Matthias and Amanda, who are amazing vloggers and content creators. Love their channels)

That new video game about the dark web, ‘Welcome to the Game’ played by YouTubers such as GTLive (wonderful guys) Markiplier, etc. These might be good research/case studies to mention in my group.

I know personally, that I’ve always tried to keep a light shadow on the world wide web. I used to have many screennames on AOL, although at the time, young me wasn’t aware of IP addresses. Since doing my art and being in the public eye with events and marketing myself, my name does have more information then it used to. I can’t wait to hear more about the subject in our classes and talk with my group. (Also, side note—I know we can’t use copyrighted material for our presentations, but Rockwell’s song would have been perfect.)


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