Class and our first guest lecturer!

Hello hello all! This is just my post about our most recent class and our guest lecturer! Sitearm Madonna came to chat with us about teamworking. I spotted Sitearm when I logged in, and said hello to all (thinking they might be a guest, as they were chatting in the DIT chat, as well as the nearby). I tried to help Pri with their audio, but couldn’t help. 😦

When Sitearm started chatting, he started with ‘hello hello’! He said one of his fav. YouTubers does that—but it reminded me of the Phone Guy from FNAF (an awesome game). I wonder if that is who he was referring? I didn’t get to ask (and thought it might be a bit silly to ask, but it was wonderful to think someone else admired that game and it’s creator as much as I do!)

Sitearm has been on the internet for a while (me too, yay!) and also worked in the Blarney Stone at one point, which was a weird coincidence as I had recently visited there and met a new friend! (read my last blog to find out more here . He spoke about how he worked for 10 years in SL, in the Elbow Room, about Raven and Desire, and lots of places (a rainforest! Ah!)

I can’t see the board 😦

Collab is a technology too, and he explained the idea of knowing what you can and can’t bring to a group and how your personality dictates your activity will only help others. ‘Can you link the project to something you care about?’ How you will be ‘storming and norming’—etc. Don’t agree to something if you don’t think you can do it—common logic things, but unless they are said out loud, it can be easy to overlook.

I wonder if my avatar can get a notebook to sit with?

He said how task cycles are done, 3 things at the end of a meeting, what was decided, who will do what and any issues, which don’t always come up right after a meeting, but to be aware that they can. Also, to recognize that Murphy’s Law happens—be prepared for your presentation to not work, or someone to not show up and be able to still give the outcome.

Look at the array of talent in your group and know that some people are better at some things then others.Some will be super active at the start and planning, while others might be better at things that come on towards the end. (though, we all continue to work, but just the specifics!) ACTIVE LISTENING is good, don’t just say no to every suggestion.

It was really informative, and I found it very interesting. I also really liked the slides to read, though when I zoomed in it still seemed blurry from where I was sitting. (I wear glasses IRL, so this wasn’t a shock ha, but still!)

Sitearm Madonna spoke about their avatar and the gender he chose. To be honest, that’s something very common online, and has been for years. A good friend of mine, who met someone online and honestly, was an inspiration to me for years, due to their kind nature and resilience, once told me— ‘if I fell in love with someone, and found out later they were a different gender, it wouldn’t matter to me. I fell in love with them, for them as a person.’ I honestly don’t think it matters what gender someone decides to be online, or the reasoning. If it makes them happy/comfortable or if it’s learning thing to see how the other ‘half’ (so to speak) lives, then so be it. Whatever reasons they have are their own! Even if it’s just curiosity!  I’m more interested if the person is friendly/helpful and if we have things in common! :’D Although, with shows like Catfish and the like, I see how it actually can be hurtful to some, if they were pretending to be something they aren’t. Again though, if it’s not hurting anyone, then I see nothing to even discuss in regards to it. But, my opinion is based on my personal experiences, and it’s hard to rationalize it to others sometimes.

Me flying after class, to try to see that my avatar is loading correctly!

Our ‘homework’ was to decide ‘among your group what tools you will use for planning your project (how you will stay in touch and share information, etc.).’ Rave and I have been using Facebook. He messaged me first on there, and his actual message ended up in my ‘others’ box. Thankfully I found it! (it was odd too, as I had accepted him as a friend before that. Weird Facebook!) We don’t really know one another, even though we are in the same class. I think this is good for this assignment, as it means we won’t be biased when it comes to doing the project and finding out information. I think Facebook makes things easier, if we were to do whatsapp or any other service, it might be too personal. I think Facebook provides a quick and easy route to communicate, and we aren’t being bombarded by the other in our personal settings. You can see Facebook and reply to it when you want, where as WhatsApp might be too intrusive.  We’ve already discussed how we might approach our digital footprint discoveries.

The brief states:

For the project you are to research the digital footprint of your group members. Consider all your online activity, whether through social media, shopping, gaming, correspondence, searching and researching, downloading, communicating and so on. Build a picture of the shadow you are leaving behind, the information that might remain online for others to find. Analyse the impact this may have and envisage a scenario where it might be used by unscrupulous operators to their own benefit.

We are in cahoots of doing the first line at the moment, while the other things (I assume?) will be more personal to each other. (so, we will research each other first, and the 2nd part, we will research ourselves better, as we know what usernames and whatnot we’ve been using, etc?.) I am not sure exactly how we are to go about the brief in general, but hopefully I’ve figured it out properly there above and with more classes and chats with Rave we will create an entertaining presentation! I hope Samya arrives back soon, and is ok!

Online shadows are interesting—especially for us creatives who are and will continue to do our careers online. The internet has made the job market international and to promote ourselves, social media is used to a very large extent. Like, for example, I participated in an amazing panel for comics in a few towns over from mine. It was advertised in print, online and on my own pages. If you google my name now, you will find it. That is wonderful in some ways, as it shows people where I will be and I asked them to attend to support comics and the event. In others, it’s scary—I’ve given the world access to my location at the exact time and place. This is a topic we will hopefully chat more about!

Edit: And I forgot to talk about the documentaries! I loved the graphics in one, and they all brought up great points. I too, use different names for different things, and just ah, they were great.


2 thoughts on “Class and our first guest lecturer!

  1. Very interesting commentary on Sitearm’s talk. By the way, if things look blurry in SL it means you just need to wait a few moments while they rez (i.e., download fully and come into sharp focus). This may take longer if your connection is slower or if there are many avatar’s in the sim. Sounds like your team has made a good start on the project too.

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    1. AHA—that makes sense. My internet isn’t the best, but it probably would have loaded had I kept in the full window screen then. (it just reminded me of RL so much, blurry eyes! X’D) and yes, and hopefully Samya connects with us on FB soon too 🙂


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