Latest Class and Field Trip!

Just a re-cap on last week and the week before:

I read the articles but I had thought we were just talking about them in class. I’ll summarize what/how I felt about the employee one! (Since the other was Sitearm’s article, which was nice, and how he felt about SL and people, things we sort of briefly touched on, but it was nice to get a personal feeling and what he was up to and how he approaches things)

On the employee one, yes the information does seem a bit dated—but I’m not sure if all companies have changed their feelings on this. A good example of this is from 2014, of ‘DailyGrace’, the YouTube channel ran by Grace Helbig. This article might give a backstory, It also aligns with the point mentioned in the article we read, ‘who owns the blog’ It’s a perfect example of that whole situation. (note, it was Dec 2013, to Jan 2014 where these articles were published. I remember it like yesterday, oddly.) A ton of YouTubers made videos in support of Grace. She left the company that s(sort of) branded her, and they kept her channel, all subscribers (i.e. money to them) and without a major link to her new adventures. (more articles here) The ‘internet’ went into a frizzy over this, and although Grace has continued to strive (she just did the ‘Dirty Thirty’ movie with her collaborators Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart) it must have been a scary ordeal, having so much support and having to rebuild.

I feel that nowadays, yes many companies do employ people just to be their social media presence. While some may gawk at the idea, social media is how the world is adapting, and to devalue those people by either making them into robots or not allowing freedom within the set parameters could be a grey subject also.  I think, however, some companies are running brilliantly with it, and a happy story of such an event is this one.

It’s the story of a girl saying she ‘loved’ the person running the Waterstone’s Oxford St. twitter. It’s a cute little story, and I’m not sure if that would have happened if it wasn’t for the circumstances set in today’s society. We can look at that in many ways—should he have ignored her message completely? Did he go too far? Or, should we identify the social media accounts of companies as just ‘robotic advertising?’ I think to do the later would be doing social media and it’s advanced a disservice.

So far as class went: I typed for those unable to hear in chat, and tried to help when people needed transports. I felt a bit out of my depth doing both! Locke is so good at typing for the class, and I felt like I was very bad at telling the others what was going on. There would be gaps where John would talk about a specific detail, and I’d feel like I needed to tell the type only members like ‘John is just doing this, we’re just doing that’. I was worried they would think I had stopped typing for them and panic. In the end, it was probably me panicking. I just didn’t want anyone to feel left out!

John mentioned how we should write more critically, like we do for our other classes. As this is my first year in DIT I’m not sure if I’m writing to the standard I need to be here in these blogs. I hope that if I wasn’t, it would come in the assessment of the blogs. (will we be getting those? I’m really not sure) DIT’s grading and all is new to me (I’m an advanced entry student) but I’m enjoying the classes immensely.And everyone has been so lovely—but enough about me.

We went to Lauk’s Nest, which was beautiful. I didn’t get a drink in our welcome party ( 😦 ) but it was great to hear about the history. I stayed for the tour, but got stuck under a pyramid. I had to re-teleport and by then, everyone had left. I did visit the above art gallery though.

My next blog will be about our homework.


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