Personal Branding Chit-chat

This is just a blog post about our homework on personal branding.

A bit about the infographic:

I thought it was effective, but limited. I’ve heard mixed things on a black and red colour scheme. In regards to the information held within the image, I’ll address point by point. (I’ve done this in a way of ‘adding my two cents’ to each. It’s reading more like, advice I would give to add to this infographic.

1. Yes, a good photo is beneficial. However, don’t make it too strange. If you’re dressed in a way you would never dress in real life (so in a fancy dress/prom outfits, when you’re office casual) this could be something to consider. ) A good image of you, however, will help future clients to identify you and associate your work with your image.

2. Of course. Add google tags to your website with your name. Be aware that the internet finds your facebook, so if you don’t want it found, make sure you have it friends only. However, use your name in your business set up facebook.

3. Not too sure on this? I assumed they meant ‘have a professional purpose to your accounts’ as in, don’t add personal things to a business art site? When I read the paragraph under that it was more like, think professionally, inside your head?

4. This could be added to 3. It’s about thinking/listening/etc. There was no need for 3 and four. (just add them into one thing)

5. Yes, always proofread what you post. It’s important and re-reading helps to find if your terse is correct, are you coming across as professional and nice?

6. Of course. No one will hire someone who is never online and vanishes from time to time. While it’s healthy to not always be online, for potential clients it can be considered as flaky. Try to post every week, or every other week. Keep a consistent schedule.

7. A teacher of mine always made us go to the professional artists exhibitions to see how we compared, and in essence, seeing how others out there work on their sites gives us input on whether we are doing enough or not.

8. Branding statements can clarify a ton, yes. However, don’t be restricted by this.

9. Yes, for instance, ‘Humans of New York’ is a brilliant personal narrative of so many lives. It’s done this wonderfully. However, don’t share too much information of your life on your professional sites.

10. Yes, using social media to add yourself to events, and promote events you are speaking at is the point of it all. Build your audience!

Speaking of Humans of New York, Brandon Stanton has started a trend that almost everyone has seen. His name might be the one on Twitter, but all of his social media sites are about his work, and the lives of the people he photographs and interviews. He is bringing to light the idea of the millions of people out there. I guess, to me, the best way to describe it is a book. You know when you read a book, you meet so many characters, that really don’t exist, but they can and do, in your heart and mind? However, you didn’t think of their existence before reading the book? Humans of New York is a bit like that. There are so many people in this world that we may never meet, that you might not have an impact on, that you might never even see. But in the same way a book highlights a story and a world we are unaware of, Brandon is doing this with real people, in real life. It’s a beautiful connectivity that only the internet could provide. I am an admirer of his work, and although his sites are over-shadowed by others stories, you can find out tidbits of the man himself in other places, here is a documentary . It’s interesting to watch the documentary, to see ‘the man behind the camera’. He’s gone from his personal FB and albums of his work, and gone to ‘Humans’ with the idea of the actual subjects, the people. That many voices speak so loudly, that it’s made his work scream.

I would suggest that my personal presence online is a varied one. I have many social media accounts for my artwork, (twitter, instagram, facebook) and a YouTube channel with a different identity (also including it’s own FB, twitter, instagram) However, I wonder would I be more successful creating an identity online for just my pieces, i.e. a facebook page just for my comics,(i.e. a sequential storytelling platform) I feel this might be a better way to reach people. I already have tried to connect my Facebook and YouTube with events and organizations I’ve attended and helped, for example, the wonderful ‘Women in Horror’ month this past February (I did a facebook post and a YT video), organizations, (Musical Youth Foundation with the guitars I donated) and so forth. I do, however, wonder if a blog outlining my processes might be better at gaining an audience? I used to have a blog in my teens and older (livejournal) however, this was more of an outlet for me to express my feelings and general angst! Perhaps, older and with an educational slant (and every day life?) this would be a good way to re-brand myself as an artist/designer.)


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