Ability Island

Hey all—this is just a post about my last class, with Gentle Heron and Ability Island.

We sat in a beautiful place—where seats where even in the water! (I wanted to sit there, but as they were in the front, I worried they might be reserved for Acuppa, and didn’t want to intrude on that space. That is probably an odd etiquette to consider, but it’s just what went through my head. After chatting about universal design and how everything is made for everyone. (no ramps beside stairs, just the unifying factors) we headed to Cape Able.

The work here was from Slatan Dryke, and across the way it was a Toulouse-Lautrec exhibition. I enjoyed the work from Dryke a lot, and tried to fill out the guestbook (I messed up, but visited it again after class to leave my message). Gentle spoke about Toulouse as well–was he considered an artist with a disability? I had only a rough knowledge of him, I knew he had a chronic illness of some sort, but it was a good point to bring up. Lastly we visited Cape Serenity, and while quiet and beautiful (with animals we could interact with!) there was a sense (for me) of sadness in the park area. Some of the beautiful writings were inspiring, and others very very movingly sad. I know that is the importance and brilliance of written word—to move you, but it felt very emotional to read some of the poems.

I enjoyed the visit quite a bit, and thought the idea behind it was beautiful. I really think that it just shows the brilliance of online worlds, and in turn, this reflects the topic I will talk about in the next post.


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