Theme Group Project

Our next post (as required) is meant to be ‘describing how you have contributed to the theme of your group’s project and describing the group meetings held so far.’

While I’m not sure how we should go in regards to theme (the brief is still a tiny bit confusing, are we meant to go completely personal, and discuss our own groups footprints, or a wider scale? It’s something I hope we can all discuss more as a class next time around.

In terms of the group, Rave and I went on fact-finding trips about one another, (all using google and no information from facebook. We were to merely look up each other based on these blogs we recently set up.) We haven’t discussed our findings too much yet, as last class Samya arrived and we hoped we could all have a chat about it then. I told her she was in our group, but we seemed to have lost touch with her after that. I’m not sure if the groups will change this coming week, so if not, hopefully Rave and I will learn a bit more about the brief and discuss (through FB messenger) where we think we should go.

In my earlier posts I mentioned YouTubers/vloggers, and a video game mocking the ‘dark web’. Perhaps these are things we can mention in our presentation? (You can read that post here )

As we had review week we did not have a class this week. That doesn’t mean we didn’t work on things, for instance, I went through this blog and read articles in regards to the topic I spoke about in my last post. I am hopeful that I am writing these blogs to the correct standard for grading—my concern is that I’m not as academic enough in these, or critical of the topics at hand. We will be receiving feedback soon, I think, for the posts before this and I hope it will help me to better write these blog posts!


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