Class 9 Chats!

Class was not as chatty as before, as we were discussing our groups and the project and the progress we’ve all been doing on the above. I sort of miss those classes where we chatted and discussed topics like the blogger, or online things—and realize as we come to a close for the semester that we will probably just be focusing on the group project.

In regards to that, I feel we’ve made some leaps towards our theme. And actually, the misunderstanding of contextual type has helped with that. When chatting on facebook messenger (and reading the google doc file Rave set up, that we’ve all contributed to) I was concerned I was offending Rave. He had brought up the idea of fake news, and we all had a chat—and I used that misunderstanding to create a little scenario we could discuss for our project. We all seemed to find it funny and interesting—so I am happy to say I feel a bit more confident on the whole thing.

In terms of what we found—I knew they would find the bits they did! No one mentioned the LD4All forums however, which is a thing I often find if I try to google myself. Also, it was brought up about me using another town as mine—I live in the middle of the country, and while I do use those addresses for my mail/correspondence (it must be added to my address to get the mail to me) it’s not where I actually live.

Also, knowing the 6 groups need to present on the one day, I figured that anything over 10 minutes would be too much—so now we can address writing a narrative to fill approx 7 minutes. John showed us how to add pictures, and I hope we can get something done to practice this next week. I think what I’ve learned so far is that if people are willing to work together, they will always find a way. I’m in a group where everyone wants to do their best and come up with a memorable result/end product—and that goal has unified us. I feel that while everyone’s working methods might be different, this shared and cared for goal seems to be bringing us together. I think Rave has had some fantastic ideas, and Samya has really gone that extra mile when researching—I hope I’m just as helpful to the group! I will be writing up a narrative that I think might address all the topics we discussed (I’m not sure if we should mention them in our blogs yet, as our classmates do read each others?) While I’m glad I suggested the stalkery first steps we did, I can only hope that my understanding of the brief and hope to make this a strong end product will add to my group dynamic. Wish me luck, random reader!


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