Class 10!

This class was fun, although a bit more empty then normal. We had hoped to split into our groups to discuss the group project, but a few of us were on our own-some. Instead, John (who was visiting from very far away!!) taught us how to build in SL. I had practiced during the week, but nothing major. It was fun to be able to create boards—and I can see how the appeal of building in a virtual environment creates bonds. It’s a wonderful feeling to see something you do take shape–whether that is in a real world or virtual one.

John reminded us of Sitearm Madonna’s speech/lecture to us, and to revisit it in regards to our group.Reflecting on it and our group–I’ve tried to suggest interim deadlines, but I am also consciously aware of others deadlines and how their time management skills might be. Since I don’t know them well outside of this class, I can’t just assume they are heavily work loaded or not. So the best thing (I felt) to do, was set clear goals and hope we could reach them. I’ve written a small ‘script’ (and Rave has edited the few bits he saw, but I’m not sure if Samya edited it yet) We are still in a development stage of how we want to present the actual presentation. I suggested a few ideas in regards to video, but Rave (and myself, to be honest) want to do something different, and really outside of the box. I really think we can and it would be fantastic—but I’m also acutely aware of our time, and although we have an extension of an extra week, I think it would be foolish to not at least agree to a solid plan by this one. I feel we’ve really not had a strict meeting on things, and did suggest chatting this Wednesday. I don’t like doing that, but I’m worried if we have no set guidelines, it might be harder for us to continue. I feel we are on a good path for our presentation, but we need to pull it over the last hurdle.

We were asked to read about hashtags in emergency services—and will be discussing this topic during the next class. I will try to post on here sooner if we do meet as a group.


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