Let’s talk about hashtags…

Hey blog! That title is a reference to GMM, an amazing talk show that I mentioned in our last class. I found the hashtag war they did to be an amazing feat. They rivaled news shows on major channels, and won. It shows how far the internet has come in content creation!

Last class was a bit haywirey—lots of deadlines happening and everyone being zonked. It was also the first time I had a problem with SL. I couldn’t hear anything! I guess I should be lucky that it hasn’t happened until now—but it makes me worry about our presentation. I honestly thought no one was talking! I had to relogin a few times :/

To me, hashtags or the pound sign has been around for a while, so it was shocking that Twitter only accepted them into their way of life (;)) recently. While some of my classmates think it’s over 7 years ago, and thus ancient, when you’re on the internet for so long, and as you get older, time does run differently. It’s hard to put this into words, but I’ve seen computers go from DOS to Windows 95,98, to that funny Y2K scenario (where people legit felt the world would end) to nowadays.(Edit, Mental Note’s latest video is 21 things that turn 21 this year: watch it and feel old!

I remember having a DOS program where it would ask you questions like ‘are you afraid of computers?’ if you answered yes, it would reassure you, telling you many people are and that there’s nothing to fear. If you answered no, it would basically tell you, ‘good for you! many people are’. It sounds so sinister now to think back on that, but as a child I found it hilarious. I used to have a program that would throw sentences back at you, in the vein of Ghostwriter. I grew up watching So Weird where it was a cool thing that the main character had a website. It seems so small and probably insignificant to today’s audiences but this is the era I grew up, and it gave me a love of technology. This class has added to it, and I feel much more hopeful about the integration of technology  within our every day lives. It saddens me to know that not everyone has the same admiration for technology, and some even resent it. I think with the proper care of it, and understanding of our own lives and how to use it, it can be a tool of much help.

Before I leave, another note about the project–just awaiting Samya’s slides and edited conclusion so I can finish up our text based video and upload her slides to my SL account before the presentation. I wonder, would it be beneficial to do an experiment one year—and create groups with personality types? Like, I wonder are there any other INFJs? Ever since my last post, I’ve been reading more about that personality type and I find it so fascinating.  Apparently, my type is very rare (1% of the population, hahaha) and a lot of things ring very true. I am concerned with the feelings of others, and just a bunch of stuff. I would have loved to seen what it was like to work in a group based on personality types. I think having that test could give potential online employers their best shot at combining people who don’t actually know each other. Without the added use of being able to ‘read’ people’s faces or inflections, knowing their personality type could reduce conflict in a scenario such as ours in this module.

That’s enough rambling from me! We are nearing the end of our module, and I have very much enjoyed it and everything it presented for me to think over. The next post should be about the presentation, so please look forward to it!


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