Working on the Presentation

Hey blog—just a little update before our big day. After we had finalized the narrative I started (Rave doing some edits, while Samya has to check some bits) we spoke about doing slides or video. We agreed that slides would be more effective, as we could talk our way through things. However, with the internet side of things, having a text based video to back us up (in case we can’t log in, if not everyone shows, etc) would be good to have. This video does not need to be elaborate, but just be there as back up and serve as evidence. I started on some slides, illustrating a few bits, as I’d rather own my content then use a photo, if possible. I recorded some video for google, and made my illustrations animated to use for the video part (as plain text can be boring).

However, working through the slides I began to realize that there wasn’t much point in putting a ton of effort in parts of the script I hadn’t done, as more then likely Rave or Samya would be doing those slides themselves. Rave asked about this, and I just explained I put a filter on a photo. (I also threw in some blue borders, because I could. It didn’t really fit, but I was a bit argh about it all) It felt very hard to try to do these slides, as at the time we hadn’t heard from Samya, (granted, it was the weekend and people do work, so we weren’t concerned) none of us had allocated the pieces of narrative and I didn’t want to exclude anyone from doing slides. However, I wanted to make sure there was something on the day, and I don’t want anyone to feel pressured. I’m reluctant to work on my other work until this is sorted, as I don’t want to be distracted from it, and let my group down. (what if I’m working on an essay and turn off my phone? I won’t be available to my teammates, in a week that is very crucial.) However, this line of thinking wasn’t fun, or positive for me and by yesterday I was a bit lost as to what we could do next.


As of today, Samya has caught up, and will be finishing off the conclusion and sending me her slides. Rave has done his 4 slides also. I logged in SL to upload mine and test them. Rave followed suit and I showed him quickly how to put pictures up.(He wasn’t at the class where we learned this, but it’s pretty simple) However, on his side, the slides weren’t loading. I uploaded them to my side, and as it stands I will be controlling that aspect on the night. I’ve a new video with text (very plain, but again, it’s purely evidence and back up). There is a sense of anxiousness about this for me, as I had hoped to have this done by today so we could spend a day during the week to practice and not approach it again until the night. However, this is just my personality. I know in an ideal world that is not always possible, but there was certainty a sense of worry from my side when I was doing all the slides. Also, I mentioned doing an interactive quiz element for the audience, but this wasn’t really accepted/not accepted.


I knew back when Sitearm Madonna mentioned this that I had indeed taken a test to find out my ‘type’. From the log on my PC, it says I took this picture in 2013. INFJ seems to be ‘me’ but I never really looked into it after taking this test. At the time I took this, finding out your ‘type’ was a trend, and I just wanted to know my letters. I wonder how this is in relation to my group members? For the most part we seem to be working well, with a common goal. Our first few steps were really good, and despite college deadlines we are still working as a group and continuing on. I hope my team members feel satisfied, and no one feels left out. I also realize we are group 1, which means we will probably be going first on the night? Well, blog and random reader, I hope this short blog kept you entertained!


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