Presentation means go!


Hello again. Well, I hope you have read through my last post about the Google Doc. Rave created it to help us consolidate our thoughts into one thing. I wrote our original narrative, and it was edited by Samya and Rave to their parts. I personally think they both did a wonderful job! The room was really laggy for me, as it had the most amount of people in there since we started. I glitched out one of Samya’s slides 😦 as when that part came everything went quiet and computery sounding. :/ argh! Other then that I think it went well, and I’m honoured to have worked with those guys. I’ve seen Rave IRL, but not Samya—she honestly seems wonderful to work with, and I wonder would I know her if I ever saw her around campus! 🙂 Anyway, onto the show!

We discussed doing slides, but I worried that on the night there could be problems. I feared this from last class, when everything just went quiet on my side. I created a text based video of our dialog, with our slides (making my ones animated gifs, to represent some movement!) You can watch that video here. I made a YT channel just for it, as I didn’t want it purely connected to my name, when the work is not all mine. I created the illustrations for the first 4 slides, and the video. (which is a very basic one, but just enough to cover us in case it didn’t work out tonight!)

I also really wanted to do something interactive—I felt that presentations are great and all, but having something the class could do (ideally, I’d have loved to make everyone take the quiz there and share their scores, but the quiz wasn’t fully accepted in the group, Dave worried it might over power his points (possibly a joke) but I didn’t want to push it too much. If you’d like to do it, dear reader, you can do so here. Comment below with your percentage! :’D I’d love to know.

The team worked well, I feel. I do think personality wise, we are very different. That’s not to say we didn’t work well, just, personally it took a bit longer for me. Like, for example, I am pretty certain Rave was joking about the quiz interfering on his points, but due to my over-empathetic nature (reference, INFJ ftw) I did joke back, but didn’t push the topic too hard. I do think, it would have been nice to have a bonding session with my group early on—like adventuring in SL together, and having shared experiences. I feel closer to them now, after working on the presentation, but I wonder would having a group activity like that have broken the ice a bit more?

I think, in regards to Sitearms original presentation with us—we did a lot of the things recommended. For example, we clearly identified looking each other up (I think that was my idea, initially?) We allowed for ‘catastrophe’ (as Sitearm eloquently put it in the slides) by having the video. I think, to be honest there was no set ‘leader’. We each kind of threw in things and worked off one another. If I were to work with Samya or Rave as a team again, I would certainty know what to expect and I’d have a better idea of what we would do. I think we started quite strongly, being the first in the class to research each other, and mutually agreed on points like, ‘we don’t want to bore everyone’ and whatnot. Even when I thought Rave and I were butting heads on topics we could discuss, the idea of editing what our peers said came from it:

(bit of back story, Rave mentioned Waterford Whispers and fake news, but I didn’t want to just reiterate what was out there, I wanted to make it our own. I thought it was a fab fab idea, but couldn’t seem to get that across right away)

Me:  but seriously, like we can mention it but I’d rather shock, or make something funny? Like ‘did you know, that John spoke about ‘housekeeping cross-dressers?!’ like, because two of his blogs had that one word in it, or again the context—grabbing a line out of one of our classmates blogs and putting it on it’s head. Like, all this to display that it’s our duty as content creators to manage it, to take control of what we put out there etc?

This came from a conversation of us trying to find a concept (and me totally thinking I was offending him, but we were on the same page, just online text/talk makes things seem worse then they are!  Like, as a group, even our misunderstandings seemed to bring fruitful endings? Like, we had a common goal and knew we wanted to do something fun and exciting, and we reached it. Rave sent a ton of funny edits (which, I hope he puts on his blog for all to see!) Samya was totally the one who brought all the lose ends together at the end, and made a cohesive statement about the whole topic.(like, she tied the research all together, and just made it punch!)  I think we each brought something unique to the table, and it made for a fun project to work on.

I am hopeful that the class, John and our guests enjoyed our presentation. I am happy I did do that video (I was trying to do it the night of the slides, and actually did a video based on my other slides (which weren’t as good). I think that’s why I personally got a bit stressed just before we got to the end here.) I loved working on the quiz too—these are all end products that would have never been had we not worked together.

Here’s the link again to the video and to the quiz .

I loved this module, so so much. I was bragging about it’s awesome concept to everyone when we started, and nothing has changed about my admiration for it. I do feel more equipped to work in online communities through it, but I also feel SL gives a different setting then most. Sitearm asked us about this topic, and I have to say, it’s resemblance to a real classroom, with a community setting, gives just enough familiarity and just enough distance to make it easier, and better to learn (for me at least.) I wish I could take this again! I am acutely more aware of things like misinformation, and other topics we discussed during our semester. Although my background was one of technological immersion, I do feel I learned a lot. Ability Island was amazing, as well as Lauk’s Nest. I had such an amazing chat about Sailor Moon, in my earlier blogs. That adventure of meeting likeminded people is always exciting to me. Revisiting things like the tone in ones blog, and how I personally react to those things, taught me that I need to address how I want to present my content and myself online. I know as an illustrator and designer, my work will be on the web. I might even be able to promote myself more, through blogs or online video. I feel, due to the class, more aware of things in relation to that (tone, etc).

In regards to my group, once more—I hope you were happy with our presentation, and it was great to work with you both. I hope I didn’t let you down, and thank you for everything.

To John and Locks, you both created such an amazing atmosphere, thank you for doing all this and best of luck in the future with it. (I’m totally around to chat to any newbies! 😉 )

To those reading this blog—yes you—thank you. I hope you enjoyed following my journey, and perhaps you’re taking the same one yourself. Enjoy it–it went by too quickly!


2 thoughts on “Presentation means go!

  1. I am glad to hear you enjoyed the class and found it useful (we may well take you up on your offer to provide support to newbies next semester!). Well done on the project presentation: it was clear, coherent, interesting and very well-illustrated. I particularly liked the fact that you provided a YouTube backup and the quiz was very clever. I failed!

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